Movies: Clark Gregg is apparently in talks to reprise his Agent Coulson role in Iron Man 3, meaning he's probably going to be a good guy in Joss Whedon's The Avengers (as opposed to a secret Skrull or something). [Crave]

Gaming: Batman: Arkham City's achievements have leaked. "Game Plus" mode will likely delight fans of insane difficulty levels. [Joystiq]

Not comics: Domino's Pizza wants a location on THE MOON! No word on whether they've cleared their plans with the Inhumans. [Neatorama]

Documentaries: Stripped: The Comic Documentary we told you about a few weeks back has exceeded its fundraising goal and is celebrating by releasing some interview footage featuring Kate Beaton, Richard Thompson, Greg Evans and Ryan North. [Fleen]

Upcoming: Marvel has released the trade dress art for its Season One line of OGNs, which kicks off in February. [Marvel]

Politics: Illdoctrine examines GOP presidential hopeful Rick Perry's Superman comments. [Illdoctrine]

Animation: Blastr remembers the insanity of Rex Steele: Nazi Smasher. [Blastr]

Toys: HeroClix's upcoming Incredible Hulk line will feature "Hulked Out Heroes" versions of Wolverine, Captain America and more. [BBTS]

TV: Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive vid previewing the '20s style footage from Comedy Central's Futurama season finale. [EW]

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