Video: Boo Ya Pictures explores a hypothetical situation in which Bale Batman gets turned down for Avengers membership. [Kotaku]

Interviews: Bob Wayne and John Cunningham discuss DC's Before Watchmen marketing strategies and the departure of Chris Roberson... sort of. [ICv2]

Legal: Toy company Box-A-Mania is suing Marvel for allegedly holding up their plans to produce a "Iron Man's Lair Play Box." [Deadline]

Gaming: Marvel Pinball's new Avengers table should suit fans of the movie just fine. [Joystiq]

Gear: Mimoco has released a new Darth Maul Mimobot in honor of last week's Star Wars Day. It doesn't split in half at the torso like the movie Maul, but it's head does pop off to reveal a thumb drive. [Mimoco]

Art: Going to the Guggenheim Museum in New York to see John Chamberlain's destroyed car sculptures just got better with the wonderfully imaginative Artobot audio tour hack, which presents each sculpture as a fictitious fallen Autobot or Decepticon. [Gizmodo]

Animation: Nick Fury finds himself wading through less than elite heroes in College Humor's (NSFW) Avengers spoof. [CH]

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