Art: The BPRD: Hell On Earth -- Gods team of artist Guy Davis, co-writer John Arcudi, colorist Dave Stewart, and Dark Horse editor Scott Allie discuss the creation of the issue's slick cover. [Dark Horse]

Theme Parks: Will Disney taking over the distribution of key Marvel films like Iron Man and The Avengers result in new superhero rides at Disney's theme parks? It's a possible possibility. [Hero Complex]

Animation: The Man of Action team talk about their contributions to Marvel's upcoming Ultimate Spider-Man and Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes series. Fans might even see an animated Ultimate Deadpool at some point... maybe. [MTV Splash Page]

Gaming: If you've played enough Japanese RPGs in your time, Joe Juba's formula for the genre will probably bring a smile to your face. Boing Boing]

Customs: Viewers may have had mixed feelings about Hancock, but I think we can all agree that Loose Collector's custom action figure is right on the money. [Toy Cutter]

Creators: Steve "The Dude" Rude is painting for the CBLDF despite his own financial issues. To quote The Beat, "What a guy!" [The Beat]

Threads: It may be too late for summer, but Black Milk clothing has R2-D2 ready for aquatic Astromech action should you hit the water anytime soon. [The Daily What]

Film: Malyasian film, Mantera, is part Iron Man, part Transformers and all bonkers in new teaser footage. [Gammasquad]

Legal: HULK SUE! Marvel is taking legal action against Ohio power tool company Airbase Industries (which is an awesome, Megamanish name) with a line of products by the name of, you guessed it, Hulk. Something about the color scheme and logo might just evoke certain memories of a certain comic book hero for certain people at certain times.. maybe/allegedly. [Robot6 via THR]

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