Legos: Sam Beattie's custom Game of Thrones Lego minifigs deftly appropriate the old Wolfpack line's shield! Lego nerds (and GoT nerds) rejoice! [io9]

Health: Doodling is good for you. Tell your teachers/bosses/parents to deal with it... politely, of course. [A List Apart]

Contests: If you can't make it to Comic-Con to pick up its dozens of exclusive toys, Time to Play Magazine's contest could have you covered. [Timetoplaymag]

Art: As often as Han Solo had to repair the Millennium Falcon, this guide by Haynes was probably in its glove box. Or maybe Lando kept it? [Neatorama]

Humor: Just in case you missed it last week, Captain America star Chris Evans delivered the "Top Ten Things Never Before Said By A Superhero" on CBS's The Late Show With David Letterman. Dude has good taste in suits that I will never be able to afford. [Blog@]

Toys: Kidrobot's Street Fighter vinyl figures are a friggin' Hadouken and a half! [Joystiq]

Videos: Spider-Man teaches kids how to be more like him with... mixed results. [Everything is Terrible]

Statues: Squirrelpool, the furry who fiendishly appeared on on April 1, and later on a Deadpool Thor variant cover, is getting his own minibust. Really! [Marvelousnews]

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