Movies: Actor Chris Hemsworth says there will almost certainly be a Thor 3, but it's also "a ways away." [ScreenCrush]


Video Games: 
Guardians of the Galaxy character skins are on their way to
Minecraft. [



Animation: The new international poster for Big Hero 6 offers up a cool view of Baymax in action and San Fransokyo. [ComicBookMovie]



Manga: Dragonball Z's most racially dubious character, Popo, has apparently inspired a dress and some other apparel in Japan. It's pretty not cool. [Crunchyroll]



News: The attorneys for Michael Egan, one of the accusers who has come forward to accuse X-Men: Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer of sexual abuse, have withdrawn from his case. It possibly relates to Egan refusing a settlement agreement. [Filmdrunk]


Video: Here's The Avengers movie recreated as an 8-bit animated short. It hits all the major plot points. [GeekTyrant]

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