Art: On the launch week of Pokémon Black and White, Olly Moss renders the three starters from Red and Blue. [Super Punch]

Publications: The Comics Journal has relaunched online with new editors Timothy Hodler and Dan Nadel. [TCJ]

Creators: Mark Waid, Kurt Busiek, Bob Harras, Marv Wolfman and David Walker remember Dwayne McDuffie at Emerald City Comicon. [CBR]

Trailers: There's a new French trailer for Thor that supposedly has unseen footage. Can you spot it? [SuperHeroHype]

Movies: Empire's got scads of new Conan The Barbarian set photos and other images. Jason Momoa is looking intense. [MTV Splash Page]

Music: Kirby Krackle, Adam WarRock and H2Awesome close Kracklefest 2011 with Weezer's "The Sweater Song.". [Seattle Geekly]

Toys: DC Direct's Mass Effect 2 line has been delayed again, with its second line potentially canceled outright. [Joystiq]

Buildings: Up becomes a reality (minus the "talking" dogs) thanks to National Geographic. [Neatorama]

Toys: Mattel's got plenty more frost giants on the way for its Thor action figure line including Ice Axe King Laufey and a fellow sporting ice claws. [Marvelousnews]

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