Everything is Alright: While we backed Donald Glover's bid to play Spider-Man, it's nice to see the Community star worked things out with upcoming Spidey Andrew Garfield. [Twitter @mrdonaldglover]

Movies: Over at Moviefone, CA's own David Brothers provides his picks for comics Harry Potter fans will love. [Moviefone]

Sales: Retailers from across the US discuss the cancellation of Thor: The Mighty Avenger and what it means in the marketplace. [The Beat]

Trailers: Cracked takes a closer inspection at the Green Lantern trailer and concludes that we may all have seen it before... [Cracked]

Threads: These happen'n TARDIS socks aren't for sale, but if you're skilled in the ways of the knitting knitters of Knitteron, you can make them yourself with a free pattern by WittyLittleKnitter. [The Daily What]

Gaming: Kotaku has a pretty killer rundown of "Black Friday" and Thanksgiving weekend game deals, including nice prices on Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions and Batman: Arkham Asylum. [Kotaku]

Music: Topless Robot counts down ten nerd-friendly jams you may not have been aware of. [Topless Robot]

Video: Have you tried out Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt's The Sixth Gun yet? A new video trailer explains why you should. [Twitter @cullenbunn]

Design: Threadless user murraymullet defies you to project your subconscious desires onto his t-shirt design. Vote for it if you see Optimus Prime (so, yeah, just vote for it). [Threadless]

Fatigue: Growing weary of what they consider a comic book company cash-grab, CO2 Comics is mocking the practice with new shirt designs. [Underwire]

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