Tech: Engadget has announced a new comic for its Distro app featuring the rotating talents of creators such as Box Brown, Dustin Harbin, Ed Piskor and others. Material will appear first on Distro, and later online. [Engadget]

Upcoming: Following IDW's Code Name: Geronimo lead, Bluewater and Simon and Schuster will team for their own comic about the United States military operation that resulted in the death of Osama bin Laden. [The Beat]

Web: It's no AskJeeves, but Microsoft is hosting an Alfred-based search portal in honor of Batman: Arkham City's release. [MTV]

Indie: A new video preview of the gaming humor anthology Devastator showcases work by James Kochalka, Danny Hellman, Corey Lewis and more. Makes the wait for the Glorkian Warrior game seem even more painful. [Robot 6]

Movies: Marvel has revealed a deleted scene from Captain America: The First Avenger, in which the Howling Commandos face down Hydra and Hydra's unfinished CG tank. [Marvel]

Ice: Apropos of nothing, did you know Lego dude ice cube trays exist? They do! [Lego]

Creators: DAR creator Erika Moen shares a recent presentation she gave to Pacific University students about My talk focused on the fluidity of sexuality, sexual identity, and her own experiences in those areas. Along the way she shares a lot of her comics work and ends the presentation with a Q&A that includes some interesting questions about being a comics professional. [ErikaMoen]

TV: The new poster for The Simpsons "Treehouse of Horror XXII" episode indicates Homer has read -- or perhaps more likely watched -- Watchmen. [Spinoff]

Cakes: Geeks Are Sexy reader Ray's Super Friends birthday cake looks delicious. [Neatorama]

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