Upcoming: Kate Beaton's collected Hark! A Vagrant finally has a cover to official watch out for when it drops in October. [D&Q]

TV: AMC's The Walking Dead could be hit with some budget cuts. Do you fear for the show's season two quality? [Blastr]

Interviews: Atomic Robo co-creator Brian Clevinger discusses what would have been his take on a new Firestorm series for DC. [FirestormFan]

Nostalgia: Oh, to be a Masters of the Universe fan in Indianapolis in 1986. I try to tell myself smartphones trump this magical display, but it's a losing battle for a bygone era. [Topless Robot]

Gaming: Sony's announced a new challenge for DC Universe Online that pits them against Ra's al Ghul. [IGN]

Toys: Hot Toys continues to roll its freakishly-realistic release train into our hearts with a Spider-Man 3 Harry Osborn figure. It's Franco-fied to the max. [Facebook]

Art: Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers face the world together through the eyes of the awesome Dan Hipp. [Mr. Hipp]

Fanime: Paul "OtaKing" Johnson's entire fan-made Doctor Who anime short is now complete for your viewing pleasure. [io9]

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