Vandalism: Someone calling himself The Joker is going around defacing the street art of Tehran, Iran with smiley faces and written-out laughter. It fits his MO, Jim. [Robot6]

Movies: Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige and director Alan Taylor dissect Thor: The Dark World's three endings (spoilers). [io9]

Manga: 51 artists will pay tribute to Takao Saito's classic spy Golgo 13 in the next issue of Big Comic to mark the character's 45th anniversary. [Crunchyroll]

Toys: Someone on the Eurobricks forum found a version of a LEGO Hulk in the classic purple pants on the Chinese version of eBay. The suspicion is this is the new version for next year. It slightly differs from the tan-pants version from last year. [The Brick Fan]

Movies: From the news-we-already-knew-but-now-it's-confirmed department, Zack Snyder says Lex Luthor will definitely be in the Man of Steel sequel. [ScreenCrush]

Board Games: A Kickstarter for a Mars Attacks! board game raked in a cool $558,000, 10 times its funding goal. The game is likely to be available widely next fall. [ICv2]