Holidays: It's Independence Day in America and we're celebrating, at least in part, by opening up a rare U.S. Agent action figure from the '95 Iron Man cartoon line and the Professor X in Astral Plane Armor figure that recycled its sculpt. It's not quite as fun as a Roman Candle war or juggling lit sparklers, but at least we won't risk getting third-degree burns.


Gaming: You can learn the Injustice: Gods Among Us version of the history of General Zod in the game's new DLC promo video. [IGAU]


Animation: Deadpool will be doing his thing on Ultimate Spider-Man this Sunday on Disney XD, by which I mean being super annoying. [Marvel]


Gaming: The Hulk suitably smashes Liberty City in a new Grand Theft Auto IV mod by JulioNIB. [Kotaku]



Statues: Sideshow Collectibles' premium format Gladiator Hulk figure is the size of a human child - the buffest human child hin the world. [SC]


Gaming: Namco Bandai Games has revealed just what One Piece Romance Dawn: The Dawn of Adventure will look like on the 3DS when it arrives in Japan this August. [JEFusion]

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