Music: Tickets are now on sale for KRACKLEFEST, featuring Kirby Krackle, Adam WarRock and H2Awesome! at Seattle's Hard Rock Cafe on March 5. [Kirby Krackle]

Webcomics: Ben Towle has begun posting pages from his upcoming graphic novel Oyster War on a designated Tumblr. Updates will be irregular, but OW fans will seemingly get to read the entire story online. [Robot6]

Comic Strips: Pearls Before Swine's got new animated strips up at Babelgum. [The Daily Cartoonist]

Gaming: Battlestar Galactica Online gets a new trailer, but do they have a plan? [Kotaku]

Art: Stuart Manning gives select Doctor Who storylines the B-movie poster treatment. [Super Punch]

Fan Films: The Rat imagines The Riddler in a Christopher Nolan-style cinematic context. [YouTube]

Infographics: Fernando Reza deftly illustrates some of the most famous hand prosthetics in film. Fortunately, almost all of them can also be seen in comics as well. [The High Definite]

Whaaaa?: io9 defies you to make sense of these vintage comic book ads. [io9]

Toys: Yotsuba&! Nooooooo! [ANN]

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