Toys: Art Asylum has released designs for its upcoming Marvel Minimates Series 50 fan poll winners. I'm personally digging that Cyborg Spidey and Onslaught. [Marvel]

Digital: Digital Manga will will suspend its print line from January through June of 2013 to focus on their digital line for a bit. [Robot 6]

Crowdfunding: Jared Zichek has launched a Kickstarter to fund the production of a hand-painted metal figurine of Fletcher Hanks' Stardust the Super Wizard. No, you didn't just dream that sentence. [Kickstarter]

Upcoming: Marvel is teasing the new Wolverine-releated team of Paul Cornell and Alan Davis. [Marvel]

Gaming: The fifth and final chapter of Telltale's The Walking Dead video game, "No Time Left," will arrive on consoles (and Mac and PC) next Tuesday/Wednesday. [Telltale]

Threads: Alejo Malia's Photoshopped Converse designs pay homage to the late Jean Giraud a.k.a. Moebius. [Alejo Malia]

Video: Phoenix Jones got to use his martial arts skills in a recent NSFW skirmish in Seattle thanks to local laws that allow consenting adults to, you know, fight in public. [Blastr]

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