Movies: SpiderMedia has posted what appears to be official promo art for Joss Whedon's 2012 The Avengers film. [SHH]

Libraries: Though The Center For Cartoon Studies saved its Charles Schulz Library items from flood damage, the school could still use volunteer help relocating the collection today. [The Comics Reporter]

TV: Would you tune in for a weekly The Walking Dead talk show? AMC thinks you would. [THR]

Crossovers: One Piece and Hello Kitty are coming together in as many as 350 different pieces of mashup merchandise. Start saving your yen. [Japanator]

Toys: What's better than plastic green army men? How about Kidrobot's plastic neon breakdancers? [Super Punch]

Gaming: Silicon Knights gives a look inside the making of X-Men: Destiny, which arrives in stores September 27. [Kotaku]
Publishing: DC's Justice League #1 will get a second printing with an alternate cover that taps Jim Lee's promo image featuring Wonder Woman's pants, y'all. [Robot6]

The Environment: Twitter users seem to totally hate Kansas State University's recently announced EcoKat, the school's recycling awareness hero (who kicks it with fellow EcoEnforcer Willie the Wildcat). Having graduated from KSU's rival the University of Kansas, I am naturally unbiased on the matter. I should probably point, though, that a Jayhawk and its baby walked by me at a KU basketball game once and I was all, "I like that fictional bird and its baby, I should totally recycle, man." Such was their capacity to inspire positive change. [The Huffington Post/LJWorld]

Toys: Speaking of One Piece, the series' friendly cyborg Franky is getting his action figure due in a big way from the Chogokin line. [Tomopop]

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