Art: Eric Drooker (The New Yorker, Howl) created a poster for Occupy Wall Street. [The Comics Reporter]

Anime: New One Piece resumed this past weekend. What'd you think? [Topless Robot]

Cosplay: Marvel has kicked off "Costoberfest," a promotion that profiles cosplayers via social media daily through the month of October. [Marvel]

Movies: George Clooney says Batman & Robin was, ""a difficult film to be good in." Sounds about right. [Total Film]

Gaming: It looks like Gotham City Impostors will retail for at or around $15 when it launches later this year. [Kotaku]

Interviews: Michael Kupperman talks about his new release Mark Twain's Autobiography: 1910-2010. [Flog!]

Art: Dan Hipp draws a sight for Sonic'ed eyes as I kick myself for not preordering Sonic Generations while it was cheap. [Mr. Hipp]

Infographics: Pop Chart Lab very thoroughly looks at the evolution of gaming controllers. [Geek Art]

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