Cosplay: A group of at least six Pikachu cosplayers (plus trainer Satoshi/Ash) were spotted partying in Tokyo this past weekend, presumably to the horror of the area's water-types. [ANN]

Movies: Galaxy Quest director Dean Parisot will helm Red 2, which could begin production before the end of the year. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Documentaries: A new trailer for the Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines documentary set to debut at SXSW is now online. [Robot 6]

Gaming: Starter Pokémon may seem like they've got cushy gigs, but only if someone chooses them. [Dorkly]

Merch: Kawaii's new line of Marvel iOS device cases crank up the cuteness. [Marvel]

Toys: Following the release of its Nick Fury figure, Hot Toys is teasing its full line of 1/6 scale toys from The Avengers. [Hot Toys]

Animation: DC Nation's New Teen Titans continue to look cute, even while belching. [TNI]

Customs: Brian Fisk's (no relation to Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of crime) playable Millenium Falcon guitar is an inspiration. [Guitar World]

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