Toys: I loved Mezco's Scott Pilgrim action figure prototype from San Diego, but I love this new second action figure even more. Too bad we all have to wait until April to get either. [Toynewsi]

Politics: Bill O'Reilly bombs a political cartoonist for, you know, doing his job. [The Daily Cartoonist]

Events: This past Sunday's Wonder Woman Day event raised $40,000 for victims of domestic violence. Congratulations to its organizers and the creators and fans who participated. [Tonic]

MODOK: We've seen some Mental Organisms Designed Only For Killing in our time, but Marvel's Ryan Penagos may have pointed out the most frightening yet from Jae Lee's upcoming cover to Heroic Age: Villains. [Marvel]

Cameos: The War Rocket Ajax crew landed in the Marvel U yesterday as wrestling fans in Deadpool #888. See if you can spot Euge and Chris. [TheISB]

Covers: Old Lois Lane covers were not always... liberating. [Blastr]

Hollywood: James Cameron's adaptation of Battle Angel Alita will have to wait. Dude's got Avatar sequel money to print. [ANN]

It looks like Twisted Pixel's Comic Jumper won't be getting any DLC, although the company did announce that it's working on two unnamed games today... perhaps a proper sequel? [Joystiq]

Art: New Young Justice artist Mike Norton has shared an unused cover for the series, which seems very in-step (Get it? Kid Flash is running!) with the upcoming animated series on Cartoon Network. [DeviantArt User Miketron2000]