Toys: IGN has a huge new image of Hasbro's 3-foot-long S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier toy from The Avengers movie toy line. It's no USS Flagg, but it'll do for now. [IGN]

Marketing: BlackBerry released an infographic featuring superheroes known as "The Bold Team" based on... New Years resolutions from Tweets? Anyway, everybody seems to totally hate them. [Engadget]

Video: What The--?! The Incredible Drive wraps up with its final installment. The twist ending will have you feeling Yaris'ed. [Marvel]

Animation: The latest clip from Justice League: Doom will probably remind you of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero at least a little bit (red lasers, indirect blasts, ceiling rubble). [DC]

Movies: The latest Chronicle trailer sees psychic powers used for financial gain. For shame! [IGN]

TV: Power Rangers Samurai goes super on February 18 on Nickelodeon. You know what that means? Jackets! [Saban]

Movies: Total Film's latest image of Carl Urban as the titular hero of Dredd provides a better look at the Judge's body armor and grimace. [SHH]

Decor: If you've got the money, Groopti's got Oscar Nuñez's word balloon shelves. [The Beat]

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