Movies: Despite the very plausible theory posited by our own Andy Khouri that this is an image of a fleeing Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark stunt man, this is actually a set photo from the upcoming Spidey film starring Andrew Garfield. [MTV Splash Page]

More Movies: Jon and Erich Hoeber have been hired by Summit Entertainment to write a cinematic sequel to Red. [Collider]

Reading: Inspired by the reading list used by the makers of DC Universe Online, Douglas Wolk shares his own picks for those who may have picked up the new MMORPG. [Techland]

Contemporary Issues: Abu Dhabi's English-language The National talks to our own Andy Khouri (he's everywhere today) about France's Muslim Batman, Nightrunner. [The National]

Art: Compared to these ghosts, Pac-Man's had a pretty easy time of things thus far. [Geek Art]

Threads: There've been a number of way-too-expensive licensed Neon Genesis Evangelion "plug suits," but only these say "Surf's Up, Bro!" [ANN]

Animation: Worrisome Rugrats' protagonist Chucky narrowly avoids ex-term-in-ation by a toy shelf stocked with daleks. [The Daily What]

Novels: Peter & Max: A Fables Novel, Vertigo's first prose project, is now doing its thing print and e-book style. [Graphic Content]

Even More Movies: Dylan Dog seems like it's taking forever to arrive in theaters, but a new Italian movie poster marks a March release date. [TheDailyBlam]

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