Food: Hardee's/Carl's Jr. will serve a special "Grilled Cheese Bacon Burger" in honor of The Amazing Spider-Man movie. Sadly, it doesn't appear to feature a Spidey logo grilled into the toast. [Pitch Engine]

Movies: There's a Hook prequel movie called Rufio in the works and all the right people seem to be involved. [io9]

Creators: Greg Rucka shares his motivations for, and creative process behind, working to write the best female characters he can. [io9]

All-Ages: A new preview of Art Baltazar and Franco's The Superman Family Adventures sees Clark Kent change into his Super duds. [The Source]

Toys: Entertainment Earth has a special "bloody" 3 and 3/4" Brock Samson Venture Bros. action figure by Bif Bang Pow! on the way as a Comic-Con 2012 exclusive. [TNI]

Merch: The Spider-Man dartboard set seems perfect for J. Jonah Jameson (or fans who don't mind dimpling the face of the Webslinger). [Neatoshop]

Customs: Sekure D puts a Batman spin on Kidrobot Mascots. [Toycutter]

Cosplay: Nerdist profiles the cosplay of last year's New York City Comic Con and gets an insight into the culture behind the costumes. [Nerdist]

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