Art: Superman is finally getting the official Lego treatment in Lego Batman 2 and the DC Super Heroes line, but Dave Ware's mosaic tribute to Jim Lee Superman art is no less a wonderful use of the plastic bricks. [The Brothers Brick]

TV: The third season of The Walking Dead could see the surprise return of a certain character. [Spinoff]

Tokusatsu: Saban Brands have announced that its next series, Power Rangers Megaforce, will use footage from Tensou Sentai Goseiger. Instead of a battle between angels and demons, Megaforce cast the bad guys as aliens, though. [Jefusion]

Movies: The Amazing Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield doesn't have many complaints about his movie costume, but he would like it to be easier to get out of for restroom breaks. [MTV]

Upcoming: Fantagraphics has obtained the publishing rights to two works by Charles Forsman, The End of the F*cking World and Celebrated Summer. Both will be released in 2013. [Flog]

Anime: Team Rocket will begin reporting its activities and recruiting new members on Tokyo station InterFM starting July 1 with an ongoing 30-minute program called Pokémon Radio Show! Rocket-dan Himitsu Teikoku. The show also has a Twitter account if you can read Japanese. [ANN]

Upcoming: Marvel Custom Solutions is putting out a KÀ by Cirque du Soleil comic, tying in with the live show of the same name. The first issue is by writer Bryan J.L. Glass, artist Wellinton Alves and cover artist Michael Del Mundo and will debut at Comic-Con 2012. [Marvel]
Toys: NECA will release an exclusive Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood "Eagle Vision" Ezio figure at SDCC 2012. [Toy Ark]

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