Seasons Greetings, Pt. I: Michael Cho offers some holiday cheer of his own with the assistance of Darkseid. [Michael Cho's Sketchbook]

Heidi MacDonald's post about the strengths and weaknesses of the comic book periodical kicks off a lengthy but civil debate in the comments thread, drawing thoughts from John Jackson Miller, Kurt Busiek, Brian Hibbs and more. [The Beat]

Armageddon: If you want your babies to make it through the impending apocalypse of 2012, you might them to havethe proper survival equipment. [Geekologie]

Punishment: Chris Sims reminds readers everywhere that not even the holiday spirit is immune from Frank Castle's twisted ways - in fact, it just makes him more creative. [Chris's Invincible Super-Blog]

Season Greetings, Pt. II: The employees of the Sterling Cooper advertising agency wish you all a very Merry Christmas. [via Robot 6]

Games: Don't ever let anybody tell you that a plumber makes his fashion choices lightly. [via Kotaku]

Backgrounds: Not feeling the holiday spirit? Perhaps acid-bleeding aliens and four-jawed hunters are more up your alley, as seen in Dark Horse's latest desktop options. [Dark Horse]

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