Animation: The Venture Bros. has at least two more seasons in store, plus a special. Psyched! [Topless Robot]

Publishing: Disney's making with the Marvel magazinery this summer, with Thor and Captain America on the agenda. [The Beat]

Threads: Brian Azzarello fans, heed the call. Threadless wants your NOIR designs for the creator's upcoming Comics-On Tees series and has considerable prizes for the top artists. [Threadless]

Creators: Paolo Rivera demonstrates his considerable Daredevil illustrating skills in a video time-lapse for The Comic Archive. [Robot6]

Gaming: How will Activision and Beenox follow Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions? With a game written by Peter David, apparently. WonderCon attendees will get the full skinny soon at the Activision panel! [WonderCon]

Art: It's a very, very awesome trap, courtesy of Dan Hipp. [MisterHipp]

Toys: Hasbro's Marvel Universe Gigantic Battle Sets featuring Loki/Frost Giant and "Clor" (clone/robot Thor)/Giant Man Bill Foster could be popping up in North American Wal-Marts before long. [Marvelousnews]

TV: Neal Adams' Ditz: The Scatterbrain is headed to the Disney Channel. If only Batman: Odyssey were headed to Cartoon Network... [THR]

Movies: Chris Evans keeps on keeping on in a new Captain America: The First Avenger photo. [Spinoff]

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