TV: Horror master (and American Vampire co-writer) Stephen King could have a writing credit on AMC's next season of The Walking Dead. For serious. [EW]

Conventions: WonderCon's full programming list is now live for all to see. San Francisco's April 1-3 show seems pretty packed. [The Beat]

Interviews: Eddie Campbell cracks wise and offers numerous insights into sequential art to Matthias Wivel. [The Hooded Utilitarian]

Movies: Thor will have a number of collectible movie tickets bearing the likeness of Asgard's biggest names. [Senitype]

Customs: Axe Cop gets his own Minimate at long last from customizer Bob Harris. Art Asylum's Minimates MAX police and fire fighter toys have never been more compatible. [Toycutter]

Gaming: New details about the HD Bleach: Ignition emerge, although new gameplay videos seem to be lagging behind. [Japanator]

Art: Etsy seller yumeleona23's Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Gambit gets a cross stitch and accompanying frame will have you practicing sweet staff moves all day long (in your mind). [Neatorama/Geek Crafts]

Toys: Griffon continues to churn out amazing Death Note toys, this time with shinigami Ryuk. [Tomopop]

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