Nobody ever said a mysterious black sphere that sends lost souls on alien slaying missions would select comfortable costumes, and it's a good thing too, because they definitely don't.

That's not to say the form-fitting, presumably Latex-infused outfit sported by actress Watanabe Natsuna in the role of Kei Kishimoto looks unauthentic - it seems extremely faithful to Hiroya Oku's "Gantz" source material right down to its inexplicable wrist and ankle cuffs - it just doesn't seem like something the average person could sit down in without screaming.

Anime Vice's new scans give fans a closer look at Kishimoto, a young woman who materializes naked before the mysterious orb alongside other recently-deceased souls. She's later equipped with a super power providing suit and bizzare weaponry as she's sent on missions to exterminate the kinds of aliens who dig green onions.

I just hope Natsuna and her co-stars can handle the physical demands of Gantz'n it up as they continue filming the two "Gantz" titles planned to debut in Japan in 2011.

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