On January 20, a giant black sphere will force a bunch of dead folks to hunt aliens on select movie screens across the United States. Hiroya Oku's manga-turned-anime-turned-live action movie series, Gantz (part one of two), is making its North American debut as part of a one-night, live-streaming presentation. Hosted by New People and NCM Fathom, the screening will feature a special live introduction, plus interviews with cast members Kazunari Ninomiya and Kenichi Matsuyama. This will kind of be the only time fans will hear the stars speak, though, since the film is dubbed in English.North American Gantz manga publisher Dark Horse Comics is circulating a batch of stills from the film as part of a ticket giveaway for fans in and around New York City and Los Angeles. Those who've read up to DH's latest 15th volume (of an eventual 30) or watched all 26 of the anime's episodes should be up to speed on their contents, but if not, all anyone really needs to know is that they depict some intense people being bossed around by a mysterious orb. Mysterious orbs are such jerks!

Check out the latest promo images and Fathom's live event trailer below:

[Via DarkHorse]

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