The software many are referring to as the "iTunes for comics," is making more and more headway into the wider consciousness of fandom.

As The Beat points out, those curious about Rantz Hoseley's upcoming Longbox digital comics reader and online retailer can check out a demo of the electronic interface in a new video to see if the release might be their digital cup of tea.

Longbox has already made agreements with Boom! Studios and other publishers to house many comics upon launch and should offer a somewhat robust release schedule when it finally debuts this fall. But aside from the select few who have gotten to play with the software demo that's been floating around for the past few months, this is the first time the public at large has been given a serious look at how the interface will function.

Take a gander after the jump...

The demo doesn't include any music, so if you like to boogie while you read comics, I personally advise opening up the "Halo" theme song. Between the preview pages of "Suburban Glamor" and "Irredeemable," it's just a suitable jam by which to behold new comic book tech.

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