I saw a ton of new toy offerings from the usual suspects at Comic-Con, but one new line of toys -- and from a new toy company no less -- that caught my eye was Toy Notch's Lost Planet line. Based on a Capcom's series of third-person shooter video games (Lost Planet 3 is set to drop in August on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC) the line's full of roughly 3.75" soldier characters, two smaller vehicles and a huge mech.

Without knowing a ton about the LP games' cast of characters or gameplay, I can say that this looks like a line that's working to balance sturdiness with articulation and detail. Even without paint apps, characters seem distinct and their weapons and accessories seem nice and chunky. The line's scale makes it seem like the LP figures will be pretty compatible with similarly-sized lines to boot, meaning any Marvel Universe or G.I. Joes you might have will probably be able to pilot the massive "Hardballer" mech.

If you're a fan of Eclipse's completely unrelated 1987-88 Lost Planet comic book series by Bo Hampton and others, well, these characters also fight giant bugs?

No word on pricing or availability yet, but considering these were displayed at the Bluefin Distribution booth, they'll probably be within the usual "collector" price range of $15-20+ when they launch.

See what you think of Toy Notch's upcoming Lost Planet action figures below.