Relaunching comic books with new #1 issues and alternate takes on familiar characters is nothing new in the world of super-hero comics, with the ongoing DC Comics relaunch as the latest and greatest example. Rebooting without the baggage of old stories can add new life to characters -- or completely misinterpret them in very fundamental ways.

With that in mind, we've commissioned an original art series of Indie Reboots from Kevin Mellon (Heart, Lovestruck), imagining how some of the most iconic independent comics might look today if they went through the mainstream reboot machine. Today we reimagine the Los Bros Hernandez classic Love and Rockets... as a femme fatale supergroup.


When a deadly alien armada launched its assault on Earth by infecting the city of Hopperpolis with a techno-virus engineered to make every man on Earth a mindless slave, there was just one thing they didn't count on: The Locas, a deadly, all-female hit squad of insane super-criminals who escape from their high-security mental hospital with one objective: kick some extraterrestrial ass. Lead by the voluptuous, hammer-wielding Luba, and armed with the massive rocket arsenal of sexy super-mechanic Mad Maggie along with her lesbian lover Hopey and bombshell explosives expert Penny Century, these femme fatales have a mad lust for mass destruction and are ready for action, both on and off the battlefield. Watch out boys -- things are about to get "loca"!

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