MODOK Month continues here at ComicsAlliance, and as much as we love the guy, we have to admit that as much as we love MODOK, the more we think about him, the more questions we have that just have not been answered.

Today, for instance, we were wondering just how he gets around in public. As cool as they are, you can't stay in a secret underground lair all the time, and sometimes you've just got to get out among the people, if for no other reason to acquire the delicious McRib sandwich. Unlike a lot of characters, however, MODOK can't exactly just take his costume off and blend in with the public, which presents a problem that we were completely unprepared to answer.

Fortunately, the mid-90s "Iron Man" cartoon, in addition to showing us MODOK's Oh-Face..

...has provided the answer.

That's right: MODOK makes a young lady push him around in an oversized baby carriage while making absolutely no effort to disguise himself. And that is Reason #419 that We Love MODOK.