Forget basketball, there are plenty of other awesome (albeit somewhat nerdy) ways to celebrate March Madness. You can give tribute to MODOK or even The Incredible Hulk, or you could simply fill out a bracket and watch your favorite villains of all time go to war.

Techland has created a mock tournament depicting some of the most notorious villains in fiction, including the likes of Magneto, Doctor Octopus, Bullseye, The Joker, Lex Luthor and Galactus. None of the villains are ranked and as of now it doesn't look like a prize is on the line, but hey - when villains are going toe to toe, the world is usually at stake. Sometimes it's nice to just sit back and watch the carnage without having to worry about the consequences.

Results from the first round will be posted on Thursday at 11:00 AM EST, so make sure to stay tuned to Techland to see if the Smoke Monster can annihilate a pack of "Jurassic Park" velociraptors.[Source: Techland]