Last year, the staff of ComicsAlliance regaled you with our Cerebus Valentines, a series of tender love notes based on the work of Dave Sim. As the most romantic of holidays inspired by the brutal murder of a priest drew near once again, we naturally turned next to the oeuvre of the superhero comics writer who has looked deepest into the fragile, complicated chambers of the human heart and explored the profoundly transformative experience of romantic love like no other creator before. I think you know who I'm talking about: Mark Millar.

We hope you enjoy the following Millar-inspired Valentines, written by the CA staff and illustrated by Chris Haley of Let's Be Friends Again. Please feel free to download them and send them to those you love.

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Valentines written by (in order): 1) Chris Sims, 2) Caleb Goellner, 3) Chris Sims, 4) Curt Franklin 5) Curt Franklin, 6) David Wolkin, 7) Laura Hudson

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