We all know that you wouldn't like Bruce Banner when he's angry, but what about when he's partnered with S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Maria Hill, surrounded by a bunch of brilliant scientists and trying to deal with the creation of the Gamma Bomb and subsequent gamma-irradiated monsters? Mark Waid and Lenil Yu are hoping that you'll like that Banner quite a bit in their new series, The Indestructible Hulk.Talking about the newly-announced Marvel NOW! series to Comic Book Resources, Waid said that, like his Daredevil series, the new book will try to "take the concept back to center":

Hulk is about what happens to us when we lose control -- or when we try to exercise too much control. The stories we'll be telling treat the Hulk less like a time bomb and more like a targeted WMD -- and he'll be moving throughout the Marvel Universe, exploring (on Banner's behalf, for reasons you'll see in issue #1) certain corners of the universe -- Jotunheim, The Negative Zone, Lemuria. Hulk and Banner have a mission -- and it will take them far and wide.

The series will stay away from supporting characters and villains familiar to the Hulk franchise over the last five decades, instead teaming Banner with Avengers supporting character Maria Hill and what Waid is describing as "a band of assistants who all have two things in common: they're all brilliant in their fields, and they have nothing to lose should they suddenly find they're sharing close quarters with an angry jade behemoth."

Both Waid and Yu are happy to be teaming up again, following their collaboration on the 2004 Superman miniseries Birthright, with Waid describing it as "a dream come true," and Yu saying that "working with Mark is one of the highlights of my career," with the writer knowing "how to bring out the best in me. Mark is the main draw for me [to work on the book]."

One last thing to entice readers into checking out the series; Waid and Yu both promise an explanation for the Hulk's armored appearance in Joe Quesada's Marvel NOW! teaser image. "It's not like anyone looked at Hulk, the strongest and toughest character on Earth, and said, 'Y'know what he needs? He needs armor. Maybe a Nehru collar,'" Waid joked. "Trust me, we're smarter than that."

The Indestructible Hulk launches in November.

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