Next year, Mars will Attack... everyone. Well, okay; maybe not everyone, but come January, the infamous bubblegum card Martian invaders will take on a wider variety of victims than they're used to, as they go after multiple different franchises throughout IDW's publishing line and face off against robots, zombies, spook hunters and rockstars alike.Following on from two years of Infestation crossovers that have seen zombies and Lovecraftian multi-dimensional horrors invade such varied series as Star Trek, GI Joe and Dungeons and Dragons, this year's multi-book crossover concept from the publisher has the long-lived Mars Attacks interacting with the Popeye, Kiss, The Real Ghostbusters, Transformers and Zombies vs. Robots series in five different one-shots released during January.

More information about the month-long event - including creative teams and possible story details - should be expected during this weekend's upcoming New York Comic Con.

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