Marvel's final presentation of New York Comic Con 2010 was the Next Big Thing panel on Sunday, which featured a host of announcements, including that Jason Aaron and artist Ron Garney will be launching an Ultimate Captain America miniseries, Sara Pichelli will be taking over the art on Ultimate Spider-Man, and a new "Alias" series from Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos is in the works.Moderator and Manager of Sales and Communications Arune Singh was joined on stage by Senior Editor Mark Paniccia, Executive Vice President of Marvel TV Jeph Loeb, "Avengers" writer Brian Michael Bendis, "Incredible Herc" writer Greg Pak, "Shadowland: Power Man" writer Fred Van Lente, "Amazing Spider-Man" writer Dan Slott, "Wolverine" writer Jason Aaron, and "Thanos Imperative" writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning. After singing "Happy Birthday" to Singh, the audience was treated to panel announcements on everything from "Ultimate Comics Spider-Man" and an all-new "Ultimate Comics Captain America" miniseries.

ON "ULTIMATE COMICS CAPTAIN AMERICA": Jason Aaron and Ron Garney are getting the band back together after their run on "Wolverine: Weapon X," launching a brand new Ultimate Captain America miniseries in January 2011. New enemies are appearing out of the shadows and the past is coming back to haunt Captain America, particularly the Captain America of the Vietnam War. After the war, the Vietnam-era Captain America felt disillusioned and disappeared into the jungle. Now that Captain America is back, the Vietnam-era Cap wants to teach him a lesson about America. Aaron and Garney are going to be revealing new secrets from the Super Soldier Project, too, so the series sounds like a nice mix of supremely violent action (as you can see in the preview art) and revelations about Cap.

ON "ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN": All-star artist Sara Pichelli is joining the "Ultimate Spider-Man" creative team. Current artist David LaFuente is staying on the flagship title of the Ultimate line, but he and Pichelli will alternate arcs. It seems like Marvel may be trying to move back to publishing a high number of issues of "Ultimate Spider-Man" a year, like they did when the superfast Mark Bagley was drawing the book. Pichelli's style is complementary to LaFuente's, but a bit more realistic overall, particularly in the facial expressions. Pichelli is joining the team in October 2010, with issues #15 and #16, and then issue #151 (after the renumbering of the series, of course) will be her first full story ar

ON "THANOS IMPERATIVE": The end of "Thanos Imperative" is not the end of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning's stint guiding Marvel's cosmic characters. They have a one-shot coming out soon called "Devastation" that provides a capstone to their run. After the cosmic work wraps, the writers, also known as DnA, are going to take on Marvel's well-loved "Heroes for Hire" franchise in December. The series is a non-traditional team-up comic, both in terms of cast and approach. Singh mentioned that the last page of the first issue is a doozy, and one that is impossible to guess.

ON "CHAOS WAR": Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente's "Chaos War" sold out before it hit store shelves, and looks to be an official hit.

ON THE 50th ANNIVERSARY OF "FANTASTIC FOUR": Marvel's First Family turns 50 next year, and they're celebrating that anniversary with... the death of a major character? Singh went on to say, "This time next year, there will not be a series titled 'Fantastic Four.'" The next few months will feature variant covers by superstar artist Paolo Rivera showing the Fantastic Four through the years, and the first features a very classic take on the family.

ON JEPH LOEB'S "ULTIMATE" WORK: Jeph Loeb said that Arthur Adams is "doing the work of his career" on "Ultimate X," and called it "amazing, amazing work." However, there is a new addition to the Arthur Adams/Joyce Chin family, with the recent arrival of Alexandra Adams, their first child. The new baby required an adjustment in the schedule for the series, but Loeb insists that "Ultimate X" #4 will be out within the next month. He teased that "Ultimate X" #5 will introduce the Hulk into the series. "New Ultimates" will wrap up its current story arc by the end of the year, and includes a few surprise twists.

ON "ALIAS": The panelists revealed that Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos intend to launch a new "Alias" title starring Jessica Jones and following up on her activities in the Avengers titles. This project won't be coming before the end of 2011, though.

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