Marvel and the ringtone company Vringo have joined forces to offer both regular audio and video ringtones from Marvel superhero cartoons dating back to 1966. Video ringtones, you say? Basically, this means that instead of just hearing the old school themes for "Captain America" and "The Mighty Thor" or "The Hulk" or "Spider-Man" when someone calls you, you also get animation from the Kirby-esque cartoons playing along with it. The first one is free, and after that they're $2.00.

You can cut your own video clips in some instances, especially for the more modern shows like "Wolverine and the X-Men." There's a lot of content in here, including my personal favorite which I have been trying to make my ringtone for YEARS now: the theme to the 90s "X-Men" cartoon. Sadly, because I have an iPhone, this will remain nothing more than a haunting dream because the iPhone doesn't support Vringo ringtones, but maybe you will be luckier than I am. You can check for compatibility here.