With the release of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 coming up in November, venerable games developer Capcom hosted a special "fight club" event to celebrate the highly anticipated Marvel crossover as well as its own titles like Street Fighter X Tekken and Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition. Judging from the photos and video that have emerged since the event took place last week, the party was not one to be missed. Apparently more than 1,000 gamers, bloggers and cosplayers descended upon the Eyebeam Arts and Music Center in New York City to compete for prizes and bragging rights, and to just party in general. We're genuinely bummed that we missed it.

Check out photos and video after the cut.Excellent event ohotos by Judy Stephens. X-23 was cosplayed excellently by India, Felicia was cosplayed excellently by Yaya Han, Phoenix was cosplayed excellently by Renee and Crimson Viper was cosplayed excellently by YuffieBunny. The excellent recap video courtesy of the excellent Konsole Kingz.

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