Over the past few years, comics have seen some major advances made within our industry: the rise of the comic book movie, the shift to digital distribution, and the internet playing a vital role in terms of breaking news and self-publishing. Yet all of these groundbreaking moves pale in comparison to the latest step forward for funnybooks -- the "Marvel Superhero Pizza Line."

At long last, comic fans will be able to combine two lifestyle staples -- comics and pizza -- into one, glorious concoction thanks to a partnership between the fine folks at Minnesota-based Decopac and Marvel Entertainment. And while you won't be able to dial up Pizza Hut and order a large with pepperoni, extra cheese and Spider-Man, starting this November, grocery stores, price clubs, non-chain pizzerias, party supply stores and craft shops will be offering up the edible decals of Marvel's resident webhead, with the likes of Wolverine, the Super Hero Squad, and movie versions of Iron Man, Thor and Captain America soon to follow.Sure, the decals are geared towards kid birthday parties, but just try and stop me from plastering a sticker of Chris Hemsworth on my nightly Di'Giorono-and-whiskey dinner -- I dare you!

[Via ICv2]

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