If you're entertained by Marvel vs. DC factionalism and enjoy a little corporate theater between the Big Two, then you probably love Marvel executive editor Tom Brevoort no matter which company you back, because the man knows how to stir things up. As he's explained before, he sees the Marvel/DC relationship as a friendly, but competitive one:

"DC is the competition. Friendly, but not friends. Frienemies. The sports team rivalry between Marvel and DC is all part of the game, for readers as much as us. Everybody likes to cheer on their faves. It profits nobody for things to get too lovey-dovey with them. That's dull for everyone. And, particularly when they start pulling plays from our playbook, we pride ourselves at being faster, sharper and smarter in [our] promo as well as in the books themselves."

In that spirit, Marvel recently answered DC's very successful "Blackest Night" ring promotion by offering retailers a rare "Siege" #3 variant in exchange for 50 stripped covers... from the "Blackest Night" tie-in comics. It was the sort of ooh, burn moment that we hadn't seen in some time between the two companies, and if you liked that, you're going to love this: Brevoort now says that if he gets 50 postcards from fans telling him to make it so, he'll go up to DC co-publisher Dan DiDio and personally hand him a copy of that very same Deadpool "Siege" variant, which I think is the comic book version of slapping someone with a gauntlet.Conversely, Brevoort says that if he gets 50 postcards telling him to cut it out, he'll back off. Either way, you can register your vote by sending a postcard -- only one per person -- to his attention at Marvel Comics, 417 Fifth Ave, New York, NY, 10016. What say you: All in good fun, or over the line?

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