The past few years has seen Marvel trying to fit the square peg of the Inhumans into the round hole of the rest of the Marvel Universe, and while the comics have often been good, the behind-the-scenes push has seemed forced. However, next year sees a resumed focus on the familiar Inhuman royal family as they head back out to space in new ongoing title Royals, and Al Ewing and Jonboy Meyers will be the ones to take them there.

Announced today via IGN, Royals is part of Marvel's Resurrxion line that makes up the post IvX landscape of X-Men and Inhuman titles, and sees the Inhuman royal family on a quest for information pertaining to the mysterious Terrigen Mist that grants them their powers. The cast includes Black Bolt, Medusa, Crystal, and Gorgon, as well as "NuHumans" Flint and Swain, and, surprisingly, Marvel Boy.

While Marvel Boy isn't an Inhuman, he is a member of the Kree race that created the Inhumans, and he claims to have clues to the questions the Inhumans are seeking to answer.

While Al Ewing has become known for his work on Marvel's Avengers titles, he's no stranger to the Inhumans, having penned the Civil War II: Ulysses digital-first title. However, this is Jonboy Meyers' debut at Marvel, after recently leaving Teen Titans at DC due to "creative differences".

Royals is set to debut this April from Marvel, and Ewing has promised that not every character will make it out alive.


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