The final chunk of 2013 should be a boon to Thunderbolts fans and, um, Undeadheads? who dig Minimates. Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum will release a special Marvel Minimates Zombie Villains Box Set in October, followed by a Marvel Now! Thunderbolts Box Set in January of 2014.

Marvel Minimates Zombie Villains set will include appropriately zombified versions of the Red Skull, the Green Goblin, Magneto and Galactus. The devourer of worlds will stand 2" tall like his fellow undead, making it a literal snap to swap the set's extra/interchangeable decomposing body part pieces. This collection of villains joins a number of "hero" offerings from the past few years. A Marvel Zombie 5-Pack dropped back in 2007 and contained Zombie Col. America, Zombie Spider-Man, Zombie Hulk, Zombie Power Man, Zombie Wolverine and the head of Zombie Wasp. At SDCC 2007, two more characters joined the fray in a con-exclusive Zombie Daredevil & Zombie Giant Man 2-pack. Later, in 2008, a Zombie Attacked Black Panther & Zombie Iron Man 2-pack rounded out the line, making this new villains set the first real addition to the collection in five years.

The decidedly more alive, but no less deadly Marvel Now! Thunderbolts set will pack the crimson club of Deadpool, The Punisher, Elektra and Red Hulk. Rulk can even transform back into General "Thunderbolt" (he really ought to have sent Citizen V a C&D) Ross.

Both sets will retail for $17.99 when they arrive in stores and online.



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