Just in case you weren't jealous enough of the waves of fans currently descending into San Diego to live it up proper-like at Comic-Con this weekend while you're stuck at home continually refreshing your Twitter feed for breaking news (from ComicsAlliance!), allow Marvel and Paramount to add a bit of salt to those wounds.

Late yesterday afternoon, Yahoo Movies debuted a set of Comic-Con posters featuring some jaw-droppingly gorgeous concept art from Marvel/Paramount's upcoming films "Thor" and "Captain America: The First Avenger." If we had to guess, we're betting these will be handed out at the show, which also means they'll be gone within half an hour of the doors opening. That being said, SDCC attendees, take a gander at what you'll be fighting for, starting with Cap, seen here looking like he's just about had it with some Nazi's.

And after the jump, check out the "Thor" poster (but first, you may want to cue up some epic metal of your choosing to get the full effect).

Just to remind all of you who are attending the show, the Marvel Studios panel (where we can only imagine you'll see some sort of clips from these two flicks along with who-knows-what other surprises) is happening on Saturday at 6:00 PM in the infamous Hall H. Also, be sure to swing by Marvel's booth to find out how to get one of these bad boys signed by the stars and respective directors should you be lucky enough to grab one.

See? We're not that jealous.

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