Marvel's Spider-Verse panel at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday sees the announcement of two new mini series spinning out of the multi-dimensional event. In Scarlet Spiders, a trio of spider-clones come together for a potential suicide mission, while Spider-Verse Team-Up features multiple Spider-Men from multiple Spider-Man creators.

The Spider-Verse fall event famously features every Spider-Man ever, as the villain Morlun tries to wipe them all out of existence. That means bringing together characters as different as Miles Morales, Spider-Ham, Peter Parquagh, Superior Spider-Man, MC2 Spider-Girl, and ComicsAlliance favorite, Japanese Spiderman.


Mark Bagley


That toybox premise provides irresistible opportunities for Marvel and its creators. They not only plans to explore both old Spidey variations and new -- like Spider-Man Noir and Spider-Gwen -- but also to play mix and match with the various wallcrawlers, which is where these new mini-series come in.

Spider-Verse Team-Up is a three issue series in which Christos Gage and classic Spider-Man writers and artists pick Spider-Men from different realities and pair them up for adventures. Characters involved include both Miles Morales and Spider-Ham. It sounds incredibly geeky, and that's just fine with us.

Scarlet Spiders takes a different approach. Another three-issue series, it unites two of the Marvel Universe's best-known Peter Parker clones, Ben Reilly and Kaine, with a Peter Parker clone from the Ultimate Universe -- Jessica Drew, aka Ultimate Black Widow. Together they take on "evil forces." Scarlet Spiders is by former Transformers writer Mike Costa and X-Treme X-Men artist Paco Diaz. Both mini series start in November.

Marvel also released the following frankly awesome cover to Spider-Verse #1, by Giuseppe Camuncoli.


Giuseppe Camuncoli