The Transformers statues on my bookshelf are lonely. That likely has something to do with the fact that each one of the characters on the bookshelf winds up dead in the original "Transformers" animated film. Regardless, they're in need of some new friends, so I'm in the market.

It looks like Sideshow Collectibles has my back, thankfully. The company is currently accepting pre-orders for new Marvel statues that are slated for release later in 2010, with characters including but not limited to Gambit (with an exclusive variant version), Emma Frost (also with an alternate version), Black Cat (would you believe there's another version here, too?) and Doc Ock... all on his lonesome.

I'm not exactly made of money (indeed, I am a man made of skin, bones and other bloody, slimy unmentionables) but I'd be willing to donate an organ or two if it would help get Optimus Prime and friends a new playmate they can stand shoulder to shoulder with. By which I mean I'm not really willing to do that, since I'll probably need those organs some day. But that Doc Ock looks awfully lonely without a variant counterpart, so maybe Sideshow would just give 'em to me out of pity.