Stop me if you've heard this one -- you love action figures. You're interested in creating your very own toys, but you just don't have the necessary skill set to bring your ideas into reality.

If that's the case, Marvel Comics is offering you with a decent alternative: the opportunity to help them decide upon the next Marvel Universe action figure to be offered exclusively to subscribers of Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. Prospective voters have three options to choose from: Archangel in his current X-Force costume, Norman Osborn in his H.A.M.M.E.R. uniform, or Karla Sofen as Ms. Marvel. While you can't get the action figure if you're not a subscriber, the polls are open to everybody outside of Marvel's digital program.

I'm not sure which character I'm going to vote for just yet. I would be down with both Archangel and Moonstone-as-Marvel, but the only one I know I won't vote for is Osborn. That guy needs to take a nap for a few years.

How about you, True Believers? Who do you want to win the competition and join your ever-growing action figure army? This isn't all secret like politics -- you can tell us your vote in the comments below!

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