Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds fans got an early taste of potential Minimate merchandise back in February in the form of promotional images, but it wasn't until last weekend's C2E2 that Diamond Select Toys put Art Asylum's upcoming line on display for all to see. What's more, the DST Minimate panel at the show gave collectors a much better idea the line's full potential. Get the full skinny after the cut.According to OAFE, DST's got big plans for it's Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 line given their license covers any character appearing in the game in any capacity (meaning DLC characters and alternate costumes are on the table). What's more, huge characters like Sentinel and Galactus are a possibility, although they wouldn't be in scale unless they were bumped up to 2" status. That's not out of the cards, though.

DST's Chuck Terceira gave a timetable for the MvC3 release as well, citing July or August for the first wave, with two additional waves to follow.

Check out shots of the upcoming MvC3 Minimates from

Tomopop and OAFE below:

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