Macy's annual Thanksgiving Day Parade could be better than usual this year thanks to the return of Spider-Man balloon, but what about the publisher's other celebrated characters?

Marvel explores that notion in this week's "Marvel Super Heroes: "What The--?!" episode "99 Hulk Balloons."

The Jade Giant and others want nothing more than to join the fun, but nobody seems to rival the Web-Slinger in terms of popularity - especially not M.O.D.O.K. (or Gambit, who seems to have confused Thanksgiving with Mardi Gras).

Here's Marvel's official synopsis to stimulate your curiosity:

"It's a Turkey Day like none other in this special Thanksgiving edition of "Marvel Super Heroes: What The?!" featuring the surprise debut of the character you have most requested, so make sure you stay tuned through to the end!"

Check out the above links to catch this special holiday episode. Even if you're abroad you'll likely find the somber Hulk charming and Marvel's new character exciting.