Dark Horse
Writer: Rick Remender
Pencils:Tony Moore

Rick Remender and Tony Moore's Fear Agent has some sort of multiple personality disorder. Is it an homage to fifties sci-fi comics? Is it a tip of the hat to the space adventure serials from the thirties and forties? Is it a weird drug-influenced prison comedy? Maybe it's just some guys who wanted to write a comic starring an alcoholic Han Solo? Mostly, it's all of the above. But not this month! This month it's war!

Fear Agent: The Last Goodbye # 1 coverIf you've been reading Fear Agent monthly, or have recently caught up with the new Dark Horse trades, then you already know how things have gone down. If not, here's the deal. Aliens intend to wipe humanity off the face of the earth. Heath Huston is an alien exterminator who finds out about their nefarious scheme and intends to put a stop to it. Eleven issues and god knows how many bottles of whiskey later we end up at the beginning of The Last Goodbye #1. You don't really need to know any of this, though. The Last Goodbye is the story of Heath's beginning. It's about the first invasion of earth and how tragedy can turn a whiskey-swilling Goldwater Republican into a hero.

I hear a lot of complaints about the lack of good sci-fi and war comics, and it seems that Remender and Moore intend to remedy both of these situations in one title. Fear Agent: The Last Goodbye is a thrilling and engaging introduction for new readers and a great glimpse at Heath Huston's beginnings for current fans.

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