Some of the strongest "Kick-Ass" detractors point to the filthy-mouthed Hit-Girl as a reason to rally against the upcoming comic book adaptation's April release. An eleven year old crime-fighter that goes around chopping off limbs while spouting out swears like a sailor? Yeah, it's not exactly something that the protective parent types are going to approve of.

My hunch is that these nay-sayers would have just as much of a problem with an action figure version of young Hit-Girl, but like it or not, such a toy is on the way. Mezco has announced that they'll be releasing 12-inch action figures for two of the film's most prominent characters, the aforementioned Hit-Girl and the titular Kick-Ass. Slated for a September 2010 release, the "Kick-Ass" action figures closely resemble their movie counterparts, but it looks like articulation is something of an issue - perhaps Mezco will work on that for the upcoming 7-inch action figure line.

Regardless, the toys are currently available for pre-order at Big Bad Toy Store.[Link via Toy News International]