Long before Dane Cook worked "BAMF" (willingly or painfully) into wider pop culture canon, Wolverine's main elf Nightcrawler was "bamfing" like a BAMF his own way -- sulfury teleportation-style. Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum know what's up, working the appropriately named "Bamfing Nightcrawler" into August's approaching Minimates Wave 41/Toys "R" Us Wave 11 alongside new versions of Nimrod, Fantomex and more.Wave 41's two-packs will include First Appearance Iron Man/Mega-Rage Hulk and Unmasked Spider-Man/gliding Green Goblin (to recreate Amazing Spider-Man #39) everywhere. Exclusive Mr. Sinister and Nimrod two-packs featuring an Apocalypse Sinister variant will be available at comic and specialty shops while Toys "R" Us stores will get Bamfing Nightcrawler/Betsy Braddock and X-Force Fantomex/Mr. Negative packs.

Check out DST and Art Asylum's Minimates Wave 41/Toys "R" Us Wave 11 together below:

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From Wave 14's official character rundown:


Captured by a warlord and forced to build weapons for him, brilliant industrialist Tony Stark instead builds a magnetic chest plate to keep lethal shrapnel away from his heart. Then he builds a powerful suit of armor to help in his escape!


Caught in a gamma bomb test, Dr. Bruce Banner found that the radiation had affected him on a genetic level, and that moments of stress or anger transformed him into the monstrous Hulk. The madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets, and the Hulk never met anything he couldn'Â’t smash.


Scientist Norman Osborne was developing a formula that would enhance strength and intelligence, but when he exposed himself to the untested serum, he discovered its terrible side effect: madness! Super-strong and super-smart, the criminal mastermind called the Green Goblin is also super-dangerous.


Crimefighter Spider-Man had already earned the wrath of would-be crime lord Green Goblin, but once the Goblin deduced SpideyÂ’s secret identity, all bets were off! Peter Parker found himself caught in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with the father of his best friend, one who has no qualms about revealing Spider-ManÂ’s face to the world.


The sister of superhero Captain Britain, Braddock was recruited by the government for her precognitive powers, which later bloomed into full telepathy. Crossing paths with the X-Men, she was recruited onto the team after surviving an encounter with Sabretooth and assisting them during the Mutant Massacre.


BAMF! With that distinctive sound, a purple cloud of smoke and the smell of brimstone, Nightcrawler makes his appearance on the scene, and is just as quick to leave it. A mutant teleporter, Kurt Wagner is feared by humans due to his blue fur and demonic appearance, and a longtime member of the X-Men.


The mutant Fantomex is a hybrid of man and machine, a technorganic sentinel with an external nervous system and multiple brains designed to police the worldÂ’s mutant population. Striking out on his own, he became a self-styled thief and solo operator before reluctantly joining up with the mutant black ops team known as X-Force.


The man who bears the name Martin Li lives two lives: one as the kind-hearted operator of a soup kitchen, the other as a ruthless crimelord in New YorkÂ’s Chinatown. And where Li has the ability to heal, Mr. Negative has the ability to corrupt people, including Spider-Man, as well as charge his weapons with dark energy.


Mr. Sinister is that potentially lethal combination: a brilliant scientist with near-unlimited powers. The shape-shifting, energy-projecting telepath has been following the life of the X-Man Cyclops since he was a boy, and manipulating it in ways that no one could have expected.


A deadly, mutant-hunting Sentinel from an alternate future where Sentinels rule, Nimrod first came back to the present in pursuit of a time-travelling mutant, and has been destroyed and reincarnated more times than the X-Men can count.

[Via Art Asylum]

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